My name is Alakanani Itireleng and the owner and founder of satoshicentre pty ltd,a blockchain and Bitcoin fintech hub.We aim to provide two kinds of programs under this business.

Satoshicentre seeks to provide a home to help Blockchain technology and other technology startup companies develop, execute and make sustainable strategies for their business in a suitable or conducive environment for such. Our aim is to be a solution based technology centre with the aim of empowering young people in the world of technology. We intend to collaborate with other technology based hubs and labs to help us in our mission as we also consider ourselves a startup empowering startups. Satoshi has a great international relationship and partners round the world and we are looking forward to these tech companies to give mentorship and help find sponsorship to Satoshicentre Clients.

-Under this programs we aim to provide bitcoin lessons with the help of Bitcoin Academy in South Africa. Bitcoin Academy provides Bitcoin and Blockchain lessons to institutes such as banks and insurance companies.

Satoshicentre kids Code lessons  Most of the programs we will be using will be free to get from the internet and can be downloaded online.  One of the ideas we have for the centre is to buy cheap android ipads from China and install them with coding programs for kids and sell them at the centre as part of the revenue making.