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The SatoshiCentre was founded in 2014 as a platform that would create awareness in blockchain technology in Botswana and around Africa. The centre mainly concentrated on encouraging entrepreneurs to use blockchain technology to solve some of the main African problems. Since it was founded,


The SatoshiCentre has successfully introduced blockchain technology to many entrepreneurs in the region, and it has created a community of Africans who are enthusiastic about blockchain technology and how Bitcoin can be used in creating programs to solves African problems. This is not limited to one country. The centre has helped most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to develop their blockchain communities. Having met the initial mandate, there is a need for the Satoshicentre to expand and become the first blockchain crowdfunding hub in the region. We believe that transitioning into such a hub will help turn the ideals that most entrepreneurs have for solving African problems to fruition while creating employment opportunities for thousands.


The growing blockchain adoption in Africa presents immense opportunity to build blockchain solutions. However, there is lack of knowledge, technical know-how, support, mentorship and ecosystem to tap into for the blockchain based startups.

Start-Ups Projects


Mpege is a transport application built on the blockchain. The project is on going
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Plaas Application is a mobile web application and platform that enables individual farmers or co-operatives to manage their daily farming productions and stocks on the blockchain system using various blockchain technologies.
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This is health mobile appliction that gives you access to your medical status is built on the blockchain. The project is on going

Orphans Of The world

Orphans of the world dAPP is a proposed blockchain application that is going to address the plight faced by orphans around the world. Orphans of the World is a blockchain-based dAPP that allows donors to help orphans directly without relying on middlemen.
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Debt-Aid Fund

Debt aid fund is a non-profitable organization that intents to help Batswana who are in serious Debt by funding them to settle their Debt.


METROLINCE is a blockchain real estate technology as well as a web application platform that will allow individuals, organization as well as property owners to advertise their current property for sale or rental or rent to buy and use the LINCE token in the real estate industry.
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is a purely decentralized finance network, incorporating the fiat currency system together with the fore mentioned electronic Peer-to-Peer systems to do away with the challenges posed by the conventional financial systems

Events and Conferences

Satoshicentre at the Global Blockchain Congress

Satoshicentre a Blockchain Tech Hub won an award of excellence in Blockchain Incubation facilities at the Global Blockchain Congress Conference that was held on the 16-17 July at South Africa Johanesburg 2018

Plaas Co-founder Panel discussion at the Global Blockchain Congress

The Co-Founder of Plaas Mr Koketso Pelo participated in the panel to discuss Businesses in the Blockchain Era of which during the discussion he highlighted some keypoints of the plaas project that they are working on which is the farmers platform that enables individual farmers and cooperatives to manage their daily farming production on the blockchain

CEO of Satoshicentre presenting at the Global Blockchain Congress

Mrs Alakanani Itireleng gave a presentation of what Satoshicentre does, the blockchain startup project incubated at the centre which are as follows:
-Plaas farmers system on the blockchain here
-Orphans of the World DApp here
-Metrolince blockchain real estate startup here

CEO of Satoshicentre at the Black Blockchain Summit

CEO recognition for the work at satoshicentre and global contribution to Bitcoin and Blockchain technology

Black Blockchain Summit

Interviewing speakers at Black blockchain summit in Washington DC

#KeiserReport interviews @bitcoinlady about Satoshi Centre in Botswana

EOS Botswana lauch

A star is born Eos Botswana read more

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