A Changing Of The Guard At Headquarters

Big things are happening at SatoshiCentre based in Mogobe Plaza next to the iTowers in CBD

SatoshiCentre is pleased to announce that it now has a new CEO and a new Head of Marketing. The previous CEO and co-founder Alakalani Itireleng, aka “The BitcoinLady”, is stepping down from her role as CEO and is making room for Frank Deya to take the lead. We can’t thank Alakalani enough for her service in educating so many people on the benefits of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, her mentorship, her insight and fearless and relentless work ethic. During her tenure the SatoshiCentre has gained international recognition as a main hub for cryptocurrency related consulting and mentoring in the SADC region. The SatoshiCentre’s focus is currently mainly on incubating and nurturing Fintech and Blockchain related startups across the continent. Alakalani will still be part of the leadership team and will continue to play a key role in the direction of SatoshiCentre.

Frank Deya brings to the table years of experience focused on the cryptocurrency industry in the form of education, adoption, brand recognition, market expansion and business development. Some of the companies he has worked with include: Binance, Humaniq, Bitsoko among others. Frank has a background in finance and is based in Kenya which is a country known for its very quick adoption of cryptocurrencies and Fintech solutions with the likes of M-PESA. Frank will bring all that wealth of knowledge to the Botswana and SADC markets as we also believe that in today's world the workforce is more and more decentralized. Frank is passionate about seeing the continent grow into its full potential by leveraging crypto and blockchain to transform the current legacy banking and financial services industry so that it is more inclusive and easy to use for everyone.

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