Community owned bitcoin startups incubator Capacity building through mentorships and training Coding camps and teaching initiatives around bitcoin and second layer technologies Africa’s first blockchain-based fund raising platform Botswana’s first Lightning node which will be used for stacking and sending sats Organizing regular meetups at which to explore global developments in blockchain regulations, technologies and use cases


To mentor and train potential businesses and members of the community

To build an African blockchain hub that will incubate blockchain-based startup and an online marketplace that will connect Blockchain startups to investors.

To provide start-ups with access to funding in a stable ecosystem where all stakeholders concerns are fulfilled.

To explore blockchain use cases by actively identifying and developing selected business and listing them on the Satoshicentre Marketplace,selected startups will also be given an opportunity to be incubated at the satoshicentre Bitcoin and Lightning Labs.

To provide an online live pitch competitions where startups will be given an opportunity to pitch up their ideas to onlive live investors and well-wishers in an effort to give an opportunity to startups who under normal circumstances will not be able to attend such opportunities.

Join the bitcoin and cryptocurrency revolution by becoming involved with the Satoshi Centre and together we will discover the business opportunities, support the development of the solutions and innovate the technology to change the world.

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There are two main Satoshicentre actors. The platform facilitates the interaction between these two stakeholders in a secure platform. The actors are:


Investors have the important role of contributing capital. The capital contributed is directed towards selected start-ups on the platform that they believe in. There is no limitation on where the investors are from. They may be from Africa or other parts of the world. They may be crypto investors or venture capitalist who are attracted by the application of blockchain technology in business.

Start-ups and entrepreneurs

These are blockchain entrepreneurs or start-ups that are joining the platform to seek funding, mentorship, a community of like-minded individuals or incubation of their blockchain-based businesses.

Apart from the two key stakeholders, the Satoshicentre team will also be actively involved in the platform. The team will provide advice to start-ups and entrepreneurs on how best they can develop their ground-breaking ideas. Additionally, the team will also gauge the viability of a project and assign a score that investors can use in deciding whether to fund them or not. Satoshicentre is the engine that will sustain the platform.


As a blockchain-based startup marketplace , Satoshicentre will have some features that differentiate it from the rest.

Unparalleled security

Unlike conventional crowdfunding platforms, Satoshicentre will be more secure because it relies on cryptographic encryption to protect the entire ecosystem from hackers and malicious individuals. Investors can invest without any fear that their money will be stolen.


Clarity and authenticity are some of the problems highlighted about African crowdfunding platforms. This is due to the centralized nature of these platforms. However, Satoshicentre will rely on a distributed ledger meaning that everyone has access to the transactions that take place. This eliminates internal fraud while ensuring that the platform truly belongs to the stakeholders.

Inbuilt rating system

The investors will be able to assess the strength of a start-ups offering using the rating included. The development team and other investors will provide the rating. This ensures that investors only choose the start-ups they have confidence in.

Inbuilt messaging system

The platform will have a messaging centre to ensure that stakeholders can communicate with each other. The Start-ups will be required to give progress reports to investors periodically to instil confidence that their investment is going as planned.

Integrated KYC protocols

The Know Your Customer protocols are important because they provide the platform with details on the stakeholders. This is useful when solving disputes and it also helps prevent money laundering through the platform. Investors can rest assured that the platform has all the details on the start-ups and the entrepreneurs they are backing.

Low transaction costs

Most other crowdfunding platforms charge a hefty transaction fee meaning that the start-ups get substantially less than they should. Since the platform relies on smart contracts instead of human capital, the operation costs are lower meaning that the transaction costs are also lower.

Mobile integration

Satoshicentre will have a mobile application that allows stakeholders to interact with the platform using handheld devices like tablets and mobile phones. The application will have all the features the main site has.

Smart contract use

The platform relies on smart contracts that are algorithmic representations of legal contracts between the stakeholders. As a result, the two parties are governed by international investment regulations. This protects the investors even when the host country does not enact its crowdfunding laws.

Inbuilt analytics

The platform will have some inbuilt analytics that investors can use to monitor their investments. The start-ups will be required to update the details repetitively to ensure that investors have the latest performance information through the platform.

Integrated e-wallet

The platform has an integrated e-wallet that can be used all around the world. The reason for this is the limited number of e-wallets in the African region. A SATO e-wallet will support Bitcoin.



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Satoshicentre at the Global Blockchain Congress

Satoshicentre a Blockchain Tech Hub won an award of excellence in Blockchain Incubation facilities at the Global Blockchain Congress Conference that was held on the 16-17 July at South Africa Johanesburg 2018